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Your cup of inspiration 


Located in historic downtown Martin, Tennessee, Martin Coffeehouse is designed for coffee lovers in need of: artisan brews, conversation, and a creative environment.
Martin Coffeehouse:
your cup of inspiration. 



Our Mission: 

To welcome, serve, and inspire our local community by offering organic, fair-trade coffee with a global purpose. Martin Coffeehouse: Your Cup of Inspiration 







407 S Lindell St, Martin, TN 38237



M-F 6:30am–7pm



When John and I finally decided it was time to start this coffeehouse, it was a decision prompted out of both necessity and inspiration. We wanted to create a space for the people of our soybean celebrating small town to come together. A place designed for family, friends, and comfort. But also a space to be a part of a global mission to build libraries in Nepal. It has been our dream to build a system that makes long term sustainable impact in Nepal as easy as drinking coffee.
To learn more about our mission check out our non-profit Letters in Motion! 
Courtney Sellers, founder of Martin Coffeehouse
Martin Coffeehouse Giving Back


Wherever your cup of inspiration may lead you, know that with each cup of Martin Coffeehouse brews you are supporting both local and global initiatives. Martin Coffeehouse donates 10 cents from every cup of joe to Letters in Motion for their literacy projects in Nepal. Letters in Motion is a faith-based non profit dedicated to bridging the literacy gap through school supplies, letters of encouragement, and libraries in rural areas. Learn more about Letters in Motion by clicking HERE. So order a french press for the table, chart your next course in your journal, and stay a while! 


Pour-over methods have been our baristas' go-to serving methods for years. At Martin Coffeehouse, we are passionate about the story in each cup of coffee. By using immersion methods, you are able to detect even the most subtle nuances of every brew. If you've never experienced pour-over coffee before, try a cup :)
It will change your morning routine forever.