literacy projects

Corners, Rooms, and Buildings

Library Projects are broken down into 3 different categories based on what the schools, children's homes, or communities need most. Once we know what project would best suit their needs, we begin to set a goal for that project and convert the overall cost into cups of coffee.
For the Collins Children's Home, the goal was set to convert the old multipurpose room into a designated Reading Room for $5,000 USD = 50,000 cups of Martin Coffeehouse coffee.

Collins Children's Home


It took less than a year for the community of Martin to consume 50,000 cups of coffee to raise funds for the Library Room in Collins Children's Home to be built. The room has been converted from a multipurpose room to a designated space for reading, studying, and education. The students at Collins Children's Home are able to use the resources of the Library Room to further develop their reading skills, focus on education, and natural curiosity for the written word. 

Current Literacy Project