Thank you for being interested in joining our crew!

We are looking for people who are:

  1. Hardworking

    Never be standing still, do not text or call people while you are at work. There is always something to be cleaned. You need to care about what you put your name on. When you wash dishes, make drinks, sweep, dust and mop your name is on what you do and you have to care about that to work here. This is not an easy job. You are on your feet all day long constantly cleaning and greeting customers with a smile. If you are looking for a job that is chill and where you can talk to your friends all day and make a few drinks this is not the job for you. We love the vibe of our coffeehouse, everything that goes into making our shop a warm and inviting place is built on and maintained by hard work. There is no room for a lazy staff member.

  2. Respectful

    We require that are our staff respects who they work with and the people they serve. Our job is not to judgment people it is to serve them and if we are to serve them properly then we must have respect.

  3. Detailed Oriented

  4. On time

    Showing up 1 minute is showing up late. We have a very strict attendance policy. You must be dependable. This is a very basic thing and comes does to giving value to time.

  5. Honest

  6. Adaptive

    We are constantly evolving as a coffeehouse. We regularly change up our menu and our proceeders. It’s easy to work in an environment where everything is always changing but that is what it is like. We strive for perfection which means we are always trying to perfect everything that we do.

  7. Energetic

    One of the best parts of working at our coffee shop is being a part of creating an atmosphere for our community to enjoy. Which is why we place a great importance on keeping our shop clean and running effectively. Contrary to popular belief most of what you will be doing is washing dishes, cleaning tables, sweeping and moping, dusting and taking out trash.

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