Sustainble Literacy


There's a future in every cup of coffee.  

We have set out to build libraries for orphanages, schools, and community centers by donation 10 cents of every cup to literacy projects. Our passion for making an impact through literacy starts back in 2014 when our non-profit (Sustainable Literacy) was founded. 

Transcript of film 















Courtney's side of the story

This needs to be a story of how and why Courtney wants to make an impact through literacy. 

1. Talk about her raising and love for reading 

2. Talk about her time over seas 

3. EDU at UTM 


4. Her time teaching at 2 different schools 9 grade and 8th grade. 

5. Her love for EDU and passion to provide her love for reading to kids who do not have accecse to books. 

6. The dream of building a coffee shop for the community 

7. Building Martin Coffeehouse into a place that serves it's local community and a community abroad 

8. Working with John to build 7

9. The hope of the futura to start many more MC's



Courtney's reading list (Books that shaped me)

- Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist


John's story of growing up hearing stories of his family in Nepal. 



- EDU at UTM

- Meeting Courtney and finding a shared passion 

- Marketing and branding back ground 

- A passion to connect people to making an impact in students in Nepal 

- Starting Letters in Motion 

- Starting Venture for Change 

- Starting Fernweh Fox 

- Starting Fox Weddings 

- Starting Good Morning Martin

- Starting Magnolia Properties 

- Starting Martin Coffeehouse 


Courtney and I have set out to build a self-sustaining structure that makes a long-term impact in rural communities in Nepal and Kenya through literacy projects. Previously, we have promoted literacy in Nepal and Kenya by delivering school supplies and letters of encouragement to children in schools, orphanages, and children's homes.

This has proven very beneficial, but we wanted our work to be self-sustaining--we needed consistent funding. The most challenging part of building a self-sustaining model is making it easy for anyone to get involved. We wanted to provide an opportunity for anyone to be able to make a difference. That's why we created Martin Coffeehouse. 10 cents of every cup goes to building libraries and literacy projects in Nepal and Kenya. The more that we grow in our local community, the more we are affecting change in a rural community abroad.

What began as an easy way to help people make a difference, evolved into a lasting global impact. A community for a community-- and it's as easy as drinking a cup of coffee. To learn more about our outreach check out our non-profit Letters in Motion.




• To serve Fair trade organic Coffee



• To donate 10¢ of every cup to literacy projects 



• To be 100% self sustaining in all literacy projects 



• To be transparent is all operations


• To fund 100% self sustain projects that make a longtearm impact.




• Freshly roasted daily (Pictures and video of roasting


The Need


What is the literacy gap?

Why do they need help with this?

How bad is this?

Data on Literacy in Nepal with citing sources.

Best told with over all stats and a 2 stores stories. 

This goes into why we care. 



Our Literacy Projects (Data)



We need quantifiable data

1 cup of coffee = ? How much impact how many books, the books impact, how long it last, how offten it gets read. Basic information on

"""For as little as $3,000, you can provide hundreds of children’s books, furniture, globes, plants, educational toys, and a comprehensive teacher training course to a rural elementary school, orphanage or community center."""

- Let's set goals for the next 500,000 cups?  



how it works 




For every cup of coffee sold we donate 10¢ to building libraies and supporting literacy projects. 

We only work and support long term sustainable projects. We believe the future of non-profit work is moving to self sustained models through providing a product or serve. We intend to be a leader in this mission. We have opened up our model to for local non-profits, schools and projects to partner together to create something very speical. We have had the oppuntity to work with a number of local projects, school and non-profits in helping establish a self sustaining model. We started by selecting a special roast of coffee and promoting the organization name on the bag and donating 

Onces we install a library we insure that it will be taken care of.

We buy all of our books locally.

We work closly with locals that want to make a differnece in education. 

We fund sustable education projects. 

We are in this for the long run. We only invest in projects that have locals that want to make an impact in education and that are communted to taking of and running the libraye we install. 

Buying books locally

working with locals 

going here the need is.

Only working with established structures to insure long term impact 


What does sustainable mean?

1. The programs operating cost is fully funded by the selling of product or serves (Not funded by donation)

2. The project is maintained and watched, kept up with, monitored so the investment is not waisted to insure that the investment is making a long term impact 

3. We vet who we are donating too to insure no money makes it into the wrong hands and the project is cared for 




How to buy our coffee

How to make a difference by enjoying our fair trade organic coffee! 

1. Come see us :)

Our (Flagship, homebase, main opteration, founding store) is located in Historic downtown Martin, TN. 

407 South Lindell Street Martin, TN 38237



2. Shop online! 

We can order our amazing fresh roasted orgain coffee by clicking on the link below. 

ps. It's the bottun that says "Shop" 


3. Sign up for our month subscription



Literacy Projects 

We need badge type designs for each project we are raising money for. We should only have 2 at one time. 


Over 30,000 cups sold!  


10 cents of every cup goes to building libraries and literacy projects in Nepal and Kenya.



Collins Children's Home in Nepal

Project details

Goals 50,000 cups of coffee = $5,000 

- Paint walls

- Install Book shelves

- Install lights

- Purchase Books 


How many kids will it serve?

What is the story of this home ? 

Pictures of the kids 

We need to answer why books are so important. 

Why is installing libraries so important ? 

Why does it cost so much to install libraries?

improve education one coffee at a time. 

School in Jumla Nepal

Project details

1. How many kids will the library serve.

2. Who will run the library

3. How many books will be installed

4. How much space we will have to install everything

5. Cost of books, shelves, seating and labor

6. A short write up on the school, community center or orphanage we are working with

7. A picture and short bio on our contact for the project. 8. Projected timeline when everything could be

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